New Country Communities

Nature is our Master Planner.™ Trees, hills and creeks are the primary architects and final determinants for division of land tracts. Deed restrictions and architectural guidelines are established to ensure the natural beauty of the area is preserved. Country Communities values the environment and is committed to its preservation and protection. Designs for each property incorporate the unique characteristics of the land and reflect a “low impact” philosophy where nature, wildlife, and vegetation are concerned. Overall, our company’s aim and core values are to connect people, living spaces, and nature. We want people to experience their Country Community as well as live in it.

The Meadows

Trees to one side, a playful creek on the other. “Neighbors” is a whole new concept here. Spacious ranch land tracts range from 8 to 30 acres. Nature is on display, 24 hours a day. Lushly wooded and unaffected by the ACC guidelines of a master planned community specializing in large to medium ranch land acreage for sale, The Meadows afford you the benefit of having a next door neighbor that isn’t right next door. Room to stretch, room to breathe, room to really live.

The Ranches

Country Communities offers flagship ranches in the Texas Hill Country. Our portfolio includes expansive tracts of pristine Texas Hill Country, ranging from 5 to 90 acres. The improvements on the land are purposefully designed to be out of sight or at least unobtrusive, preserving the natural wonder of these breathtaking parts of Texas. Deed restrictions are anything but restrictive, allowing you to create your own awe-inspiring Texas ranch, with vistas surrounding you on every side while the deer and the antelope play nearby. This is the stuff songs are made of.

The Villages

Live outside city limits. This is what a Country community should be — free from the hectic hustle and bustle of urban life. Country property lots range from one to five acres, but feel like they are a world unto themselves. Mature trees shade gently rolling grass. Fish leap from the sparkling community lake. Streets wind among the oaks and pines. And everywhere you turn, a new show is put on by Mother nature.


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