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Meet the Higgins

New online video interview with residents of Timberlake Village

Timberlake Village, one of our premier communities located near Tomball (Northwest Houston) is home to some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.  Two of those people are Mr. and Mrs. Higgins, residents in Timberlake for several years.  The Higgins are both retired, with Mr. Higgins being a retired firefighter, and they chose Timberlake Village to be their home base as they spend days hanging out with the family, relaxing, and doing lots of traveling.  We had the opportunity to sit down with the Higgins and chat with them for a while in their beautiful home.  Meet The Higgins.  

After serving as a firefighter for over 40 years, Lenny Higgins and his adorable wife Robbie, entered into retirement.  With this next life stage came the desire to find a new place to live and as Lenny was spending time with family, his daughter-in-law introduced him to some property she found on the internet near Rosehill, which we now know as Timberlake Village.  Lenny and his wife were sold on what they saw, which five years ago was a very heavily wooded area.

As this couple celebrates 46 years of marriage, they also celebrate the fact that the home they live in is the perfect place to spend the restof their years.  Their home was custom built some five years ago, and still looks brand new.  One of their sons, who is also a firefighter and married to a firefighter, lives right next door.  When asked if their grand children come knocking on their door often, their response was “Knock? They most of the time just come walking right in!”  This was a clear indication of how close this family is and how much they enjoy one another.  

In addition to being able to live so close to family, The Higgins love how quite the area is and the feeling of country living is serene.  The heavy greenery between each home creates a very private environment and Lenny said it best when he stated that “This is a neat place to live”.  

Timberlake Village is a place this couple highly recommends and it brings us great joy to know that such great people have chosen to spend the rest of their lives in one of our Communities.  We hope you enjoyed meeting the Higgins.