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Nature on Display 24 Hours a Day

Country Communities is a fresh perspective on country living, a way of life that keeps people and land in harmony. At the heart of it all is respect and appreciation for the natural beauty and integrity of the land. We offer large acreage tracts for sale in Texas with country roads that follow the natural contour of the land, winding throughout the hills & valleys with breath-taking views. Our Country properties include rolling hills and trees that have seen their share of history, standing naturally undisturbed, that’s alive with legend and beauty, telling tales and imparting wisdom. Nature is our masterplanner, we even listen to the land, letting it tell us how it is to be divided.

An escape. A respite. “Your quiet place in the country.” Whether you’re seeking a place to live, day-to-day, or just somewhere to get away to, Country Communities puts you in a natural wonderland perfect for your country living lifestyle. When was the last time you crossed a covered bridge to get to your house? Or tied your horse to a split-rail fence so you could get the mail? When was the last time a view from your front porch reminded you of a photo you saw in a coffee-table book? Life’s too short to be staring at your neighbor’s house. There’s a whole new country out there. Your Country Living lifestyle. And it’s time for you to be a part of it.


Country Communities offers flagship ranches for sale in Texas.  Our portfolio includes expansive tracts of pristine Texas Hill Country, ranging from 5 to 90 acres. The improvements on the land are purposefully designed to be out of sight or at least unobtrusive, preserving the natural wonder of these breathtaking parts of Texas. Deed restrictions are anything but restrictive, allowing you to create your ideal “little place in the country”. Click here to visit the Ranches.


Trees to one side, a playful creek on the other. “Neighbors” is a whole new concept here. Spacious ranch land tracts range from 8 to 30 acres. Nature is on display, 24 hours a day. Lushly wooded and unaffected by the rigid guidelines of a master planned community specializing in large ranch land acreage for sale, The Meadows afford you the benefit of having a next door neighbor that isn’t right next door. Room to stretch, room to breathe, room to really live.  Click here to visit the Meadows.


Live outside city limits. This is what a Country community should be – free from the hectic hustle and bustle of urban life. Country property lots range from one to five acres, but feel like they are a world unto themselves.  Mature trees shade gently rolling grass. Fish leap from the sparkling community lake. Streets wind among the oaks and pines.  And everywhere you turn, a new show is put on by Mother nature.  Click here to visit the Country Villages.


Welcome to small town living at its best.  Quaint, nostalgic houses huddle together to create a masterpiece of Rockwell-ian proportions. Streetlights shine on quiet streets as children desperately squeeze the last minute to play from the setting sun.  A true sense of community abounds and everyone knows your name. The view from the front porch belongs on a greeting card.  From those just setting out in life to those who are looking for a little rest from it, The Town Villages provide the ideal place to call home.  Click here to visit the Town Villages.  Click here to visit the Town Villages.