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Country Communities

About the Company

As pioneers in creating communities in the Texas countryside, Country Communities has had over 25 years of experience in the Texas real estate market and has few equals. Each awe-inspiring Country Community is a testament to the natural wonders of Texas.

Each and every community has its own uniqueness. A breathtaking view, a pond, forests of trees and a taste of wildness calm. Yet, for all the rugged, untamed beauty, there are also conveniences that we as humans have come to depend on such as electricity, paved roads and all necessary utilities.

More over, most Country Communities are located within minutes of grocery stores and shops and within thirty minutes of major shopping, healthcare and entertainment. Each community is geographic convenient to some of Texas’ most interesting cities and towns: Fredericksburg, Austin, Brenham, Chappell Hill, San Antonio, and Houston.

Since Country Communities blazed the trail toward creating communities in the natural wonders of the Texas countryside, thousands of people have flocked to the country in an attempt to find the perfect escape to live, play, retire, relax and get away from the headaches and bustle of city life.

Country Communities is much more than a tract of pristine Texas Country. For the empty nester, it’s the peace and quiet that’s been missing in the lives up to this point. For the couple seeking a country getaway, it’s a nirvana, overflowing with an abundance of natural trees, grass and a reenergizing wholesomeness. For the family with children, it’s the inspiring setting for mom and dad to recharge their batteries and for the kids to drain theirs.